LISA DEJOHN: GUEST BLOGGER work featured in “Breaking Bad”

Hi Lilla, as you know I’ve been working on a video for your Make Art That Sells part B class this fall about my amazing water tower job! It’s been really fun to connect to the project again. I have been in contact with the marketing coordinator there in Albuquerque and she sent me some beautiful photos of the completed 175 foot tower. I also wanted to share a photo collage of the tower as it appeared in Breaking Bad. Last but not least, I found a great document from Sherwin Williams (this was the paint used in the tower) that has some stunning pictures in it. Fun to see! You can follow the development of Mesa Del Sol, NM on Facebook! – Lisa

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  • Crazy fabulous! Now I’ve got to play I-Spy next time I watch an episode!

    September 3, 2013

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