Join me today at 12:30 PM ET for another great FREE WebinART. Meet our witty and charming illustrator Julia Christians.


I’m excited to invite you to join me TODAY at 12:30 PM ET for the next in our series of WebinARTs as I chat with our witty and charming artist Julia Christians, (‘memorizing song lyrics is my useless superpower’). She’s worked on a variety of fantastic book projects for Nosy Crow, Oxford University Press, Scholastic, and more. You’ll see why she is kept so busy with work commissioned by top publishers.


to join our FREE WebinART on Zoom
with our artist Julia Christians today at 12:30 PM ET.


Join me as I ask Julia about her process (“the three P’s: Photoshop, Pencils and Procreate”) her tips on working from home with two kids, how she stays sane, and we’ll view her gorgeous work. We’ll do a random giveaway of one of Julia’s fully-illustrated books for one of the viewers.


“I worked with Julia on a children’s book series and I am blown away with how well she captured the characters’ humor and all the energy she injects in the stories! Julia is an amazingly talented illustrator!”
Elisabetta Barbazza, Senior Fiction Designer, Nosy Crow


Julia Christians
Harz Mountains, Germany
Animation by Natasha Dewitz
Above: Magnificent Mabel series covers
What’s That In Dog Years
(Oxford University Press)


Lilla: What question would you most like to be asked?
Julia: Do you really want all these puppies?
When I saw this brilliant piece by Julia, I immediately knew that I had to represent her. What I saw was hilarious and expressive characters, the ability to depict cinematic views (close-ups, medium shots, wide angles), rich textures and charming lettering (not to mention the hilarious text she wrote!) This is still one of my all-time Julia Christians favorites.



Azutura wall decals


Lilla: If you weren’t an illustrator, what would you be?
Julia: I would be a dog trainer!


Illustration for Make Art That Sells course
Julia’s art for an assignment for
the Make Art That Sells Home Decor class.


Available for licensing as of this writing.


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