Guess who I’m interviewing next? Discussing diversity. TWO artists you’ll love–our free webinARTs.

Coming this Thursday!


Above: Cover for The Soup Movement (Oxford University Press)
Join me Thursday for our WebinART #9 as I chat with the lively and hilarious
Julia Christians and view her gorgeous work.
This Thursday,July 23rd at 12.30 PM ET.
We’ll be broadcasting live on Zoom here on Thursday. See you then!
WebinART link here
Password: Julia77
Last week’s WebinART and portfolio showcase with Sarah Papworth was a blast! You can catch the replay here; Password: 8R?K4=+9
Find links to our entire WebinART series HERE.
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“An artist and an activist are not so far apart.”
— Ava DuVernay, award-winning writer, producer and film director ( New York Times)
Live today 12 Noon ET!
I’m loving our WebinARTs over here at my agency Lilla Rogers Studio where, as you probably know, I interview our fascinating artists and we chat about their work and careers, most Thursdays.
As of this writing, I’ve done eight WebinARTS, and I’ve found that I enjoy them so much that we dreamed up “Live with Lilla”, where I’ll be interviewing artists, art directors, editors, and more, over at my school site, Make Art That Sells.
I’m thrilled that my very first Live with Lilla interview starts today with someone I’m crazy about, the QUEEN, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, beloved and highly-regarded author-illustrator of over 40 children’s books and diversity expert. We’ll chat about increasing diversity in our industry, what agents and art directors can do, and more.
Kim, I hope you’ll join me over on my Make Art That SellsFacebook page. It’s free and open to everyone, 12 noon ET today, July 20th.
Here’s the fabulous Vanessa Brantley-Newton with her newest book of poems for little girls, “Just Like Me”(Knopf/Random House). Available here.


Amazon selected This Little Dreamer: An Inspirational Primer, as the best kids’ book of the year so far, for ages baby to 2!
Huge congratulations, Daniel!
Published by Simon & Schuster


You get to customize your wall art with Katie’s people and icons! How cool is that? Check it out at Uncommon Goods.


Zoë Ingram

Available for licensing as of this writing.


Tara is available for Bolt Fabric commissions!
Left: Available for license
Below, left: Fabric for Robert Kaufman


Woodland Tattoos (Petit Monkey)


Available for licensing as of this writing.


Available for license as of this writing.


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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