See top work from the Redrawing Black History course

Our artist Helen Dardik emigrated from Ukraine many years ago. She created this image in response to the invasion of Ukraine. It was immediately purchased and Helen donated all proceeds to Ukraine. You can find this piece and more on her Instagram page: @helen_dardik

To send help to the people of the Ukraine, here are two organizations you can support:
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As Black History Month ends, we wanted to highlight some of our artists’ pieces from my course, Redrawing Black History, that I taught with Tamisha Anthony over at Make Art That Sells. I was delighted that over 4,300 students took part in this important celebration of Black women artists.

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Available for licensing as of this writing.


Available for licensing as of this writing.


Available for licensing as of this writing.


Available for licensing as of this writing.


While we’re at it, we’ve collected some images by our artists from our archives celebrating Black women.
Available for licensing as of this writing.


Portrait of Valerie Thomas
from Kitchen Pantry Scientist : Physics for Kids (Quarto) — Out now!


From Herstory (Nosy Crow)



Class starts next Monday!
Mar 07 – Apr 18, 2022
My Toy Pitch: Illustrating for the toys and games markets. Create a winning toy pitch and hop into the world of play.


Above: Art for My Toy Pitch by Trina Dalziel
Turn play into pay! In this course, innovative art agent Lilla Rogers and brilliant children’s toy and game creative director Riley Wilkinson will guide you through the playful world of the toy and game market.


They’ll share industry secrets and show you how to showcase your unique art on product pitches that’ll capture the attention of toy developers and art directors as you create an exciting original toy and develop your own winning, playful pitch.
Newsflash: We just signed an artist that we discovered the last time we ran the course. Stay tuned for the big reveal. Next time, it might be you!
Join Riley and me for a free live Zoom this Friday as we share all the deets and do a giveaway of the course. Find details here.


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