We’ve taken on a new artist! It’s someone you know and love.

We’ve got big news to share. Our very own LRS agent, lovely Kim Fleming, is actually a talented picture book illustrator with a whopping twelve books under her belt. She’s an agent by day and an illustrator by night.
Her work just got stronger and stronger, and we couldn’t (and didn’t want to) resist. So today, we’re proud to announce the big news!
Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!
(Yes, Kim is still a devoted full-time agent!)
New Artist: :Kim Fleming
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Q: What do you love about illustrating picture books?
Kim: I get to create magical worlds that children can lose themselves in. And it makes me a better agent because I understand the picture book process.
Q: How do you stay inspired?
A: I always try to keep learning, whether it’s new art techniques, the craft of writing, or ceramics!
Join Kim and me on
Instagram Live
This Thursday,
May 26th at 12PM ET
Q: Word has it that you’re writing a picture book of your own. Is the rumor true?
A: Yes! I’ve been working with Lilla on it and it’s almost ready to go!
Q: Exciting! What’s it about?
A: Without giving too much away, it’s about overcoming fear.
Contact us to learn more and click here to read more of Kim’s Q&A
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