Our Residency and gorgeous art!

So much goodness to share this week.
  1. Our Author/Illustrator Residency is underway.
  2. New artist announcement coming next week!
  3. My Illustrating Children’s Book Course begins this coming Monday.
Read on, enjoy, and call us to assign.
LRS picture book
author/illustrator residency
LRS: Incubator of Illustrated/Authored Books
One of my most favorite things in the world is to help top artists make even more brilliant work, develop their unique gifts, and broaden their career opportunities. So with that in mind, we were incredibly excited to offer our Picture Book Writing Residency to a whopping fourteen of our artists, based on my course My Kid Book Pitch, focusing on writing children’s picture books.
Why encourage artists to write picture books? They are one of the strongest categories in illustration right now. Editors are specifically looking for authored/illustrated picture books for the unique vision that they provide. We’re commissioning them like crazy, they pay very well, and you get to devote months to a particular project in your style.
The ideas are fresh, sometimes delightfully quirky. Many of the attendees focused on topics like diversity, neurodiversity, gender fluidity, STEAM, social/emotional issues, and more.
It was an intensive week with loads of one-on-ones with my artists before, during, and continuing on. Several book dummies are ready to share.
Editors and art directors, we’ll be in touch, but as always, don’t hesitate to give us a shout should you like to see what we’ve been up to.
2022 Author/Illustrator Residency Zoom
Watch your inbox on Monday as we will be announcing our newest new artist!

Here’s some work from the previous Residency &
Kendra’s story tender and imaginative story of two children, one who is afraid of the ground, and one who is afraid of the sky. Through visually gorgeous illustrations of steampunk-style Rube Goldberg-type contraptions, they find a way to connect.
Contact us to learn more!

A historic tale of a brave pioneer, loosely based on a naturalist and scientific illustrator of the 1600’s who travels to the Amazon with her daughter. We follow along as the mother and daughter search for a very exotic and elusive butterfly with help from indigenous people.
Contact us to learn more!
What I love about Mara’s pitch is her ability to tell a laugh-out-loud story about an insecure snail in a cool way that imparts lots of nutty snail factoids. This book celebrates mucous and other gross features such as the dung beetle’s poop.
Contact us to learn more!
My course begins this Monday, May 23rd at Make Art That Sells. My co-teacher, prominent children’s book art director Zoë Tucker and I select work from the student galleries each week for a live Zoom Review. It’s my favorite part of the course, loaded full of specific tips and practical advice.
This is the same course that many of my artists have taken, and in fact, where I find many to represent. Join me! It’s hugely popular, now in its ninth season, and if you sign up now, you’ll instantly receive Zoe’s three beautiful/amusing/though-provoking original texts for the course (she’s a published author of six books) and a Text Chooser doc to help you select a text based on your art style. Hop on over here.

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