Trina’s work for Bulletin

Trina writes:

“Hi Lilla

Each month I illustrate the opinion column in the UK journal Bulletin which is the short name for The Official Magazine of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

I love illustrating for specialist and trade magazines as often the text is very dense and sometimes dry and uses language specific to it’s field…so I have to go away and look the occasional word up and find things out. I love getting a glimpse into a world that can be very known to it’s readers but new and unknown to me.

In Bulletin some of the articles are taken from research papers others are sometimes personal stories from the speech therapists or their service users. The second type tend to stay with me longer – like the one about a man with a stutter whose career advisor’s only advice was to apply for jobs that wouldn’t involve speaking….after a few years he took no notice and went on to have a very successful career (the illustration of boy on a ladder).”

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