San Francisco Cats and Dogs Playset

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Do we hear a Rice-a-Roni® commercial, or is it really San Francisco? No, it’s the enchanting, imaginary “ding-ding” of Trina Dalziel’s cable car. In Trina’s imaginary animal city by the bay, we see miniature cats and dogs gallivanting in and out of vintage shops, a vegetarian café (of course), and a pottery studio. This wood (or chipboard) playset concept could include strings of streetlights and a real working pully to get these critters across town. Kids will fall in love with this hippie vision of happiness!

Minimalists: your product line could start with Trina’s miniature wooden pups and canines—my, those OUTFITS!

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Art © 2021 Trina Dalziel / Concept Development © 2021 Trina Dalziel & Riley Wilkinson