Agendas, calendars, and books, oh my.

Check out these incredible books and products by our artists, all recently released!


Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!


Kay Wolfersperger
Illustrated agenda for Editions Auzou.

Buy it here.


Kendra Binney
A Coral Reef Story (Macmillan)Second in the series, after An Arctic Story.Buy it here.


Katie Vernon
Happy Halloweenie(Simon Kids)Board book written and illustrated by Katie Vernon.Buy it here.
Tisha Lee
My Breathing Earth (Yeehoo Press)Buy it here.
Sarah Walsh
Erin Vanessa



Tea Towel (Blue Q)

Buy it here.

2024 Calendar (Polestar)

Buy it here.



Maria Gabriela Gama
Maruga Koops
Savvy Minds Ventures

Buy it here.


Buy it here.

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