Month: September 2008


Mosaic Lesson, Part III

Here’s a odd mosaic that was quite fun to do using beach stuff we’ve collected as a family, a vintage postcard, and some marbles. These letters are the initials of my husband, me, and my kids. The colored squares that form the letters were from some weird vintage toy kit with these painted wooden squares for young children to use to make little pictures.

I’m still listening to the Hair soundtrack as I write this. “He wears his hair tied in a small bow tied in the back. I love him but it embarrasses me to walk down the street with him. He lives in Brooklyn somewhere and wears this white crash helmet…”




Mosaic Lesson, Part II

So have you gathered lots of beach stuff? I hope so. Or dig out your jars of beach stuff that are lying around.
So here’s how you make a mosaic: you use a tile adhesive from the hardware store. Smear it on, then stick on the pieces. Start with big pieces. Then cram the smaller things around.
I haven’t put the grout on yet. To be honest, it may never happen. I don’t set myself up for failure. That’s a tip for you right there. Anyway, if you’d like to grout, buy it at the hardware store. Directions are the back of the jar. Yes, it’s that easy. So now you know how to make a mosaic.
Tomorrow I’m showing you my weird sign.
So, are you inspired? Let me know.





Mosiac Lesson, Part I

Today I’m going to show you some mosaic raw materials. These are beach glass, beach pottery, beach stones, and my latest passion, beach plastic. This is a nice summer project.
Tomorrow I’m going to show you how to use these to create a mosaic. I’ll show you a birdhouse and an odd sign I made.
I just want to say that right now I’m listening to the soundtrack to Hair and I’m so loving it. Give it a shot when you get a chance. I got good times man, I got my hair, I got my brains, I got my mouth…I got freedom, brother…





Helen’s imaginary world

Helen created these wonderful crazy cool rooms which showoff her patterns as wallpaper. When will we get that call for wallcovering for Helen? Helen is getting amazing work. I’m in negotiations for another craft book for her.
Anyway, feel free to tell me what you think this work would be good for.





This week in the garden

I can’t think of anything to say. All I can do is show you these amazing colors. Coleus, zinnia, hydrangea. How about you do a color palette in these colors?




And here’s snapdragon, daylily. I usually cut some mint or basil in my arrangements for the fragrance.