Month: October 2009


Thought you’d enjoy this.

Here’s what Marge Crunkleton writes:

Hi….Just touching base with you to mention a couple of new additions to my mannequin line.

The prices range from 115.00 to 150.00…. very reasonable still….and shipping is 20.00 plus a few dollars for insurance. I ship in Styrofoam for safe delivery by US Mail.

Click on my web page to view all of them at: Vintage Mannequin Heads – Marge Crunkleton or click Lincoln County Garden Club – Marge Crunkleton

You may vary hair, eye and lip color as you please….at no extra charge. Now that I have a new drill, I can drill holes for ear rings for a lesser fee (on certain heads only.)


Marge Crunkleton

P.S. As you know, my pictures are still bad (sorry)….but I assure you, my heads are great. I finally got a camera…but do not know how to use it.






Friday: A recent show of Susy Pilgrim Waters’ wonderful work.


Flowers and dogs, new work by Jackie Besteman

Jackie writes,

“You suggested I do Dog patterns in the first place. And you inspired me to push the flowers to new heights in terms of beauty and perfection.”

Part of what I love about my job as an agent, artist, mentor is that I get to work with some of the top talent in the world to help them get to new levels. It’s like cooking with amazing ingredients or gardening with the finest, most exotic specimens in unbelievably rich soil.

When I was an art teacher in middle school many years ago, fresh out of art school myself, I loved teaching the gifted kids. It was like working homeopathic-ly: I would simply tantalize my students with a little bit of inspiration and sass and they would blossom.

Now many years later, I work with the gifted kids, the gifted grownups, that is, and I tweak and nudge and watch the blossoming.

I’ve been working with Jackie lately and I’m tremendously excited with what she is created here. These have a kind of Islamic, Alhambra-ish, mosaic layout. Also, they are kind of trippy.

The colors are exuberant.

I now pronounce these available for license in all areas especially paper and the fabric. I’m not kidding; snap her up now.





Wednesday: Thought you’d enjoy this.


Helen Dardik’s new work

Available for license. Contact us.




See more of Helen’s work here.

Monday: Flowers and dogs, new work by Jackie Besteman