Month: October 2012


Carolyn Gavin’s candy packaging

Carolyn’s gorgeous packaging for Sweden’s Ekorrens Ekologiska smagodis (the Squirrels Organic Candy Company).


Adolie’s CD cover

Jennifer Gasoi, singer of the album Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well wrote us:

“I’m getting amazing feedback from my fans re: Adolie’s artwork. The inside of the CD is gorgeous too.”

You can see and hear more of the album here. – Julia


Get your own personalized Suzy Ultman/Chronicle Books products

Man, I wish I had some of these cool personalized products illustrated by Suzy Ultman when I was in school. Luckily, for the kids today you can buy them here at Chronicle. – Julia

Personalized Lunchbox

Personalized folder

Personalized spiral notebook

Personalized journal

Personalized stickers


Silvia Dekker’s flannel fabric collection

Winter is coming and it’s the perfect time to make those pajama bottoms with Silvia’s flannel fabric from MMFab, Inc. (a division of Wilmington Prints). Click here to find a retailer near you. – Julia