Month: March 2013


Mash-up Book Review of Lilla’s book by Betz White

An excerpt from Betz’s blog: – Julia

“A few years ago I taught workshops at the first Creative Connection Event. Before my class came in, I was looking at the roster and saw the name Lilla Rogers. Hmm, isn’t that the name of that hugely successful artist’s agent? It is! In walked Lilla and I told her that I could not believe that The Lilla Rogers was taking a class from me. She so sweetly replied that she couldn’t believe she was taking a class from The Betz White! Ha! Long story short, our paths have crossed a few brief moments since then. I’m always interested to hear about what Lilla is up to. She is very generous with her thoughts about operating within the creative world and I admire her desire to share her knowledge.”


Woodland Kingdom patterns by Silvia Dekker

Silvia writes:

“Hi Lilla,

These patterns were inspired by your fabulous trend report! Many thanks!”


A little Helen springtime in the middle of winter

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