Month: November 2008


Some of my books

I love to share books with you. I love the typography, the drawings. I have tons of old books. I hope you’re inspired. I always have bought books that are out of step with the current cultural style. Those are the most inspiring, and get me to rethink my style. Now, of course, these books are back in fashion aesthetically.






Lisa DeJohn’s delightful art for Land of Nod



Susy Pilgrim Waters’ amazing sketchbooks


Susan Farrington’s piece on President-elect Obama



Greg Morgan says, “Texas is changing!”

Greg writes, “The victory speech by Obama Tuesday night summed up the entire picture. Moving from faith-based narrow thinking to ideas, vision and voice. Advancement of a society, not an individual and their beliefs.

Never has someone delivered such grace, humbleness, insight and inspiration to a nation. When have so many people in numbers and diversity been so excited, emotional and serious about their candidate? The faces in the crowd were of relief, hope and possibility. They were the future because someone let them believe on their own, choose for themselves and be inspired by an idea—an idea of change!”


Bonnie’s insights from Rome

Bonnie writes:

“Hi Lilla,

This was yesterday’s paper. It translates ‘The Change has Arrived’. Italy (and I believe most of Europe) is as excited for the Obama win as we all are in the US. There was a Democrats Abroad election party that started at 1 am our time and lasted all night broadcasting the event (they served pancakes and American-style breakfast) everyone was overjoyed from the results and so proud. Its a remarkable time full of changes and hope. I’m so grateful I can be a small part in it, even if it is from another country. YES, Anything is possible!”



Sarajo Frieden’s new piece


“For me, the images of that jubilant sea of humanity in grant park beaming out to the world, after all the darkness of the past eight years, is indescribable. Finally, something to celebrate, something to be dazzled by, something to be proud of. Not all of the outcomes of Tuesday night were positive, especially here in California, and there are many challenges ahead. But I’m an eternal optimist, and what better tool to communicate that with than art.”


Update: 12:18 PM EST: Sarajo just emailed me this, and I love how she expresses the optimism I feel:

“and the blog, it’s a wonderful thing! And thanks for your comments…i felt I had to do something to channel all that emotion. And because it will be complicated and imperfect and get down to business running this country, and who knows if or even what it would be like to love a president, the way people loved FDR…i haven’t really experienced that as an adult. But that moment, election night, will always be with me/us.

But I have never been so fascinated watching a cabinet get formed, reading about every morsel of news that is coming out, economic summit today, etc. If I thought after the election I was going to slow down my appetite for all this—I was WRONG! So far anyway…i love it! It’s sooo interesting. I mean think of the current economic news, SO not good, and imagine if on top of all that McCain had been elected. I can’t imagine it and I really didn’t think it was going to happen because they were so empty and bankrupt, had nothing to offer.

But despite all the economic news, which is really just the continuation of the meltdown story, loss of consumer confidence etc, there is such a sense of hope and that is a huge ingredient I think. Yesterday I had this thought, which is that I have confidence in the new team, who seem to be governing now anyway, I have a sense of trust in letting them tackle things and try to move forward. Wow, I haven’t felt that in SO long! And I know I’m not alone in that.”
— Sarajo


Sneak Peek!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just taken on the amazing Pascal Blanchet! He’s not on our site yet, so contact us to see more.

Check out this truly brilliant piece.



Art by our artist, Jenn Ski, on our new president!

I’ve asked our artists to respond to the amazing, wonderful election. Here’s what I asked them yesterday:

Dear Artists,

“Yes, OBAMA! How amazing.

We would love any art in response to the election, your feelings, thoughts. I will blog them all this week.

— How does it feel from where you sit?

— What do you think when you think of Michelle Obama as the first lady?

— What is the new face of America?

— How do you think young people will feel about their country now?

— What does the US look like from the viewpoint of the international community?

— How about simply doing a portrait of Obama?

I look forward to your brilliant work. Let’s show our readership your fast, artistic response to topical issues.”

With much joy & warm regards,


Jenn says:
“I’m so happy he won!! Woop woop!”

-jenn ski



Crazy fab new patterns by Helen Dardik

She’s a genius. End of story.