Art by our artist, Jenn Ski, on our new president!

I’ve asked our artists to respond to the amazing, wonderful election. Here’s what I asked them yesterday:

Dear Artists,

“Yes, OBAMA! How amazing.

We would love any art in response to the election, your feelings, thoughts. I will blog them all this week.

— How does it feel from where you sit?

— What do you think when you think of Michelle Obama as the first lady?

— What is the new face of America?

— How do you think young people will feel about their country now?

— What does the US look like from the viewpoint of the international community?

— How about simply doing a portrait of Obama?

I look forward to your brilliant work. Let’s show our readership your fast, artistic response to topical issues.”

With much joy & warm regards,


Jenn says:
“I’m so happy he won!! Woop woop!”

-jenn ski


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