Month: May 2013


Our newest artist, Sarah Walsh!

We just took on the fabulous artist, Sarah Walsh. Here are a few questions Sarah answered in her bio and a sample of her artwork. Now you can see why we fell in love with her too. If you want to be represented by Lilla Rogers Studio, check out our Global Talent Search where you can win representation with Lilla Rogers Studio for 2 years! – Julia

Whom would you like to meet?

Wes Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Maurice Sendak…I know he’s gone now :(
My grandfather met Billy Holiday when he snuck into a bar as a teenager. I always thought that was cool!

What question would you most like to be asked?

Would you like a free hour long body massage?

What was your favorite illustration assignment?

A pop up card for Hallmark featuring a slew of sea creatures. I also love painting on wood.


Susy Pilgrim Waters’s Mother’s Day Sale


Silvia Dekker’s Atomic Bots Fabric

We just got samples in the studio of Silvia’s wonderful fabric. There was a catfight over who would get what piece. See more here (of the fabric, not of the catfight). – Julia


Jillian’s card nominated for a Louie Award

We are very excited to hear that this design of Jillian’s (in collaboration with Madison Park Greetings) garnered a Louie Award nomination (the Oscars of the stationery card industry). – Julia