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One of the best parts of being an illustrator is the variety of projects you get. You just never know what cool project you’ll be asked to do, like the products our artists have been commissioned to illustrate here: from magic kits to ornaments for Crate and Barrel, to the cover of the Dutch magazine Flow.
Clockwise, from top left: Magnet by Helen Dardik, Flow cover by Sarah Walsh, Journal cover by Katie Vernon, Ornament by Suzy Ultman, Memo pad by Helen Dardik, Board book by Sarah Walsh, Magic kit and book by Katie Vernon.

If you are an illustrator–or want to be an illustrator–and are reading this, I encourage you to sign up for our biggest sale of the year over at my e-course site Make Art That Sells. Teaching artists is one of my favorite things to do, so check it out. Did you know the last 11 artists I took on were all students of my ecourses?

This is our biggest sale of the year, so sign up today!

Check out our artists’ portfolios here.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Lookin’ for some great art? Contact us to license, buy or
commission art for your fabulous project. We are happy to help you!



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