Erica Root’s beautiful new author/illustrator book is out soon!

We’re thrilled to announce Erica Root’s first authored/illustrated picture book, Close To You From Far Away, published by Running Press Kids.
Below, Erica writes (and illustrates!) about the inspiration behind the book, and how it came to be. Enjoy!
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Erica writes, “Recently, something amazing happened…I received a copy of my very first authored and illustrated children’s book!
This has been a dream practically four decades in the making.
I’m often asked what it’s like to make a picture book so I hope you enjoy seeing behind the scenes of Close To You From Far Away in this newsletter.”
Close to You from Far Away, written and illustrated by Erica Root, published by Running Press Kids.
Out April 4, 2023.
From the publisher:
“Find out how to maintain a feeling of closeness to someone you love while being far away from them in this delightful book about family, letter writing, and love.”
Erica: “Close to You from Far Away was developed during one of Lilla’s children’s book residencies. We were right in the middle of the Isolation Age (aka: May 2020), which left so many of us craving human connection in a way that we never had before.
At this time, we took my son to visit his grandma. They could only touch from opposite sides of the glass.
I found myself thinking about the unbreakable bond I had with my grandma and about what “connection” looks like from a child’s vantage point.
And that’s when Close to You from Far Away was born.”


Above: The genesis of Close To You From Far Away


Above: Getting published!
Below: Fun facts about Close To You From Far Away.
Above: Erica says, “Seeing and holding the actual book for the first time felt surreal!”
Below: Erica and Riley Wilkinson (toy and game agent/inventor extraordinaire!) worked together to develop the concept of tear-out postcards in the back of the book–one of Erica’s favorite elements!
Thanks Erica!
Close To You From Far Away published by Running Press Kids is available for pre-order now. It releases April 4, 2023.

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  • Thanks for sharing and good luck, your work is super and the story sounds perfect for so many kids with grandparents who live abroad. It was wonderful to see your process, I did my picturebook pitch class and I thought it was incredible.

    by Eva
    March 21, 2023

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