It’s a book and puzzle bonanza!

We can’t get enough of our artists books and puzzles. Enjoy!


Contact us to assign or license art. We’re happy to help you find the perfect artist or gorgeous images for your project!

Sarah Walsh
Brilliant ASL puzzle for Mudpuppy.

Buy it here.


Jenny Miriam
It’s a puzzle bonanza with Jenny Miriam!

Above: Moonlight Journey puzzle for Buffalo Games.

Buy it here.

Below: Woodland Picnic for Mudpuppy.

Read a fun review by a puzzler here.

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Erica Root
Fabulous new picture book illustrated by Erica Root (Doubleday Books).

“This joyful, energetic, uplifting book honors the magic of teachers and mentors.

Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week and graduation, it is an ode to the extra-special teachers we remember all those years later.”

Buy it here.


Julia Christians
Love this adventurous picture book illustrated by Julia (Scholastic).

“There’s a mysterious bookshop, tucked away from the world, with a rather unusual bookseller… Mr Leopard!

And as one little girl is about to discover, Mr Leopard’s Bookshop is the most magical place in the world…”

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Maria Gabriela Gama
Maria illustrated the 2nd in a series of “Terysa Solves it” picture books.

They even made pyjamas based on her character!

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Albert Arrayás
Check out this beautiful picture book illustrated by Albert Arrayás, published by Yeehoo Press.

“A charming picture book tale that showcases how the rewards of our efforts can come from the most unexpected of places.”

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Sarah Papworth
Sarah continues her incredible “A Life Story” series with Scholastic.

Buy it here.

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