See Anke Rega’s Affirmation Card Set with a twist!

Check out Anke Rega’s brilliant affirmation card deck and sneak a peek behind the curtain of her creation process!

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Anke Rega
Anke writes: One of my big projects this year was an affirmation card set for business and success.

This was my first time completing an entire card set like this, It was so fun–I love to tackle big new projects. I also enjoy illustrating for personal growth and inspiration with my illustrations so this was perfect for me.

The set has 50 affirmations/illustrated cards.

Fifty affirmation cards for Business and Success.

Published by Christina Sternbauer.

What did you love about this project?

I love to come up with special ideas which are also a challenge. At some point when I started to sketch for this project, I was taking a break relaxing and just dreaming, and all of a sudden the idea popped in to my mind to make a puzzle out of the cards, so that you can put all the affirmation cards together to make a bigger image.

The idea was there. It was exciting to have this new concept in mind.

I started with a raw sketch of the big Illustration, to fit in the 50 affirmations.

Then I went into the details of the single cards and areas. I did detailed sketches of single cards to fit them into the bigger illustration, all with space for lettering too.

I filled smaller spaces with other elements like stars, florals, diamonds, and colour next to the single affirmations.
What medium did you use for the illustrations?

I started working with watercolor, but in the middle of the project I switched to work with Procreate as I found a way which looks quite like my traditional watercolors (thanks to Ruth Burrows’s book!)

This saved me a lot of time with editing all the elements and the lettering.

What are your favorite art materials?

My favorite art materials are my watercolors, gouache, and a lot of pencils for sketches (they go really fast).

How long did you work on this project?

I started to work on this in January 2023 and it just printed in October, (with other projects in between) so about nine months. (Oh, it’s like a child… 😆)

How do you surround yourself with inspiration?

I love to look at great books with illustration and art. Or have flowers around. Or go to a good bookstore and just wandering the streets.

How do you start your day?

I start the day with a mix of mindset work, alignment meditation for the day and yoga, a cold shower, and for sure, a good coffee. I started to wake up quite early this year as I extended my personal growth time in the morning. I usually start working at my desk at 10am.


My cat Luci. She just turned 18.

Thanks so much Anke! Anke’s incredible Affirmation deck will be available soon.

See more of Anke’s beautiful illustration work here.

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