Sarajo’s work on Metro Cards

Sarajo writes:

These are the cards I submitted to an open call for artists for “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again”, an exhibit of small works on used metro cards. They will be displayed at Sloan Fine Art (on the Lower East Side). Opening reception is Thursday, March 17th from 5-9PM, show continues through March 26, 2011.”

Here is more about the exhbit from Sloane Fine Art:
“In May 2010, Artists Jean-Pierre Roy and Michael Kagan hosted an unusual exhibition in their Brooklyn studio. Open to all artists who wanted to participate, “Single Fare” placed one constraint on the creative process: all work had to be submitted on a used MetroCard. Inspired by the notion that the city’s subways and buses allow for a kind of creative interchange unmatched in human history, “Single Fare” sought to create a unique art event where art and artists could come together to form a monumental event made from a tiny, innocuous piece of plastic: The MetroCard! The resulting exhibition featured over 700 works of art – from artists as far away as New Zealand and as close as the studio next door.

Following the tremendous success of last year’s “Single Fare,” Roy and Kagan team up with Sloan Fine Art on the Lower East Side for “Single Fare 2: Please Swipe Again.” The themes of last year’s show ran the gamut from moments of high abstraction to delicate portraiture. Three-dimensional works, documentary photography and even a video installation helped to create one of the most cohesively diverse shows in recent memory while playfully challenging artists to show what they can do with seven square inches. …Additionally, a handful of artists have been recruited to create Single Fare works that will be raffled off with proceeds to benefit two worthy charities – Transportation Alternatives, promoting New York City’s continued commitment to public and alternative forms of transportation and Alliance for the Arts’ NYC Arts, the leading Web and free iPhone guide to arts programs and events throughout NYC.”

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