What Susy Pilgrim Waters is up to

Susy writes:

“hello curious all,
I just wanted to share some of my personal work, as i feel it is quite different from many of my illustration assignments.
My personal aesthetic is surprisingly clean+simple.

Having taken a degree printed textiles in London, it is a medium I come back to time and time again. It’s very physical and rewarding to make prints on fabric – function and form rolled in to one.
In recent months my husband keith and I have teamed up (we met at art school and are now combining our talents) to launch spw textile designs on hand woven hand printed cashmere and merino scarves.
We are making head way as a few museums have bought our hand woven and printed scares (ica boston, gardener museum, and the peabody essex).

We are screen printing on wood leather and silk too. I am influenced by British artist, Barbara Hepwoth, Patrick Heron, and artists curated by Jim Ede in KettlesYard, in Cambridge England. http://www.kettlesyard.co.uk/

When is comes to painting, I full in to abstract expressionism and feel totally at home with less is more.I paint on wood panels as large as 5×5 ft or as small as 5×5 inches!
Keith is very adept at the techie side, he created our sites and is master printer. He whips us in to shape on FB. I find juggling many projects very challenging, but in fact they all feed on each other.
there are always new passions to pursue. Thanks for reading. Back to it.”

You can find Susy’s shop here.

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