A lovely piece by Talitha Shipman

Talitha writes us a charming note:

“Hi there guys,

I wrote my thesis paper on floral symbolism in art and illustration, focusing on floriography, or the secret language of flowers, and I told myself that I would eventually do a series of illustrations based on that concept. Well, about a year later, I finally have one done. I recently purchased two primroses and within several weeks they had wilted away. Usually, I have my grandmother’s green thumb when it comes to houseplants, but not this time. Anyways, I thought in tribute to my poor little primroses, I would create an illustration in honor of them. The text at the bottom of the illustration represents the meaning of giving primroses. Too bad my primroses couldn’t ‘live with me.’

Thanks and I hope you like the illustration. I’ll be working on more in the coming months! And if anyone knows how to keep primroses alive indoors, please let me know!
Talitha :)”


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