An illustrated book review of Lilla’s book

From Tammie Bennett’s blog:

“The second i heard Lilla Rogers was releasing a book i put it on my amazon wishlist. her agency, lilla rogers studio, represents so many of my very favorite current artists. my work isn’t ready for her yet, but hopefully someday. last week i saw on twitter that her book was being released earlier than planned, so i obviously dropped everything and ordered a copy.

in a strange twist of fate, one of my bubbies had a bad case of the flu and was on the couch the entire week. so i was a good mother and sat with her and snuggled on the couch. reading lilla’s book, of course. my daughter is an artist, too, so she enjoyed the pictures (of which there are many!)

i wanted to do a review of the book and all i kept coming up with was an image in my head of how the book made me FEEL. (remember, feelings are a big part of my 2013) so you will have to check out the image [below] for my illustrated book review.

lilla makes me feel like it really is possible to make money with my art if i continue to work really hard at creating lots of work. lots of GREAT work. lots and lots of practice. she gives great advice on overcoming obstacles to creativity. and an awesome 12 step program to make great art.

the chapter on getting to know the marketplace for your work is really helpful, with interviews from lots of art directors in all different types of markets. you’ll get a glimpse into the minds of art directors working in bolt fabric, children’s picture books, children’s print apparel, home decor, licensing, gift market, and others. i love the sections in this chapter where lilla includes a little place for you to assess your art :: what potential markets are for you and your work?

lilla includes a chapter on creating goals and a timeline, and she gives a great outline for your game plan. very inspiring!

the book is loaded with real-life examples from artists, illustrators, art directors, lilla and even her mom!”

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