Anke Rega animation, new art and my MBA course starts today!

Lots of goodness for you–an animation and brand-new art.
News: Join me for our MBA (Money BadAss) course which begins today.


Anke Rega
Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Anke Rega


Katie Vernon

It’s almost time for our 3rd ANNUAL Lilla’s Art MENAGERIE!


On February 5th, we will reveal over 200 pieces of new work that our artists have created in response to five assignments and color palettes that I’ve given them, from florals to editorial.
The gorgeous work is now streaming in to the Studio and will be available to art directors in a password-protected gallery. In a way, it’s sort of like a trade show of our own where art directors can see lots of brand new work but in the comfort of their workspace.



MBA class starts today! Sign up here.

Our 3-week online intensive starts today!
Beth Kempton and I created this course for all the creative people that asked us how to make their creative lives financially successful.


My awesome co-teacher Beth Kempton. Read more about her here.


Beth’s first book on the left, and mine on the right.
Me: former illustrator, art agent, author, and e-course founder.
Beth: Author, e-course founder, business whiz, and much more.


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Trina Dalziel
Illustrations for Better Homes & Gardens


Sarah Papworth for the Washington Post


Rebecca Jones for Campbell Books



Children’s book illustrations from class


Julia Christians


Kendra Binney


Helen Dardik for Éditions Auzou


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  • Oh the animation is too cute!! Love the work as always.. xx

    January 22, 2019

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