Awarded the Creativity International Print Award for Packaging Design with Adolie Day’s art!

We Won! We Won! We Won… the Creativity International Print Silver Award for Packaging Design with Adolie Day’s beautiful artwork for a Limited Edition ice cream by Publix Super Markets.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.07.21 PM

Publix Premium Ice Cream Creative Brief

Job Description: Publix Super Markets is releasing a brand new, Limited Edition ice cream flavor: “White Chocolate Raspberry: White chocolate-flavored ice cream and ribbons of raspberry sauce, dotted with white chocolate raspberry-swirled chips.” These LE ice cream flavors are usually highly anticipated—a fun and creative addition (though temporary) to our private label.

Check out the full project with details and award here on Creativity Print International.


Illustrator: Adolie Day  Art Director: Alianna Deters


We loved how this design turned out highlighting Adolie Day’s beautiful illustration and couldn’t be prouder of this award!

Now, that’s something sweet.


Reine & the Studio

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