BIG NEWS! Plus animated Hank Williams, Susan’s going to NYC, and more!

We love photographing our artists’ illustrated products as they come in. Hope you enjoy them!

Plus, our big news is…we have taken on a new artist! I scooped her up from seeing her work in my MATS courses over the years. Her work has a fresh look and was often was selected to be in my MATS reviews. We’re getting her up on the site, and once that’s done, we’ll announce who she is.


ART DIRECTORS: Agent Susan McCabe will be in NYC May 16-19 showing the new artist’s work plus our brand-new collections of available card art and our children’s book portfolio of the very best work. Be sure to contact Susan to schedule a visit. Not in NYC? We’re happy to send you a magazine-style portfolio of the card art or the children’s book art to keep for reference. Just give us a shout.



Daniel Roode

Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Walter Foster Publishing


Rebecca Jones

Greeting Card for Sellers Publishing


Puzzle to Go for Mudpuppy


Asa Gilland

Greeting cards for Trader Joe’s


Flora Waycott

Greeting cards for Madison Park (left) and Sellers Publishing (right)


Anke Rega

Great spots in Better Homes & Gardens “Do It Yourself” Magazine


I hope you enjoyed the show! Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs. Get to know us here!
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