Big reveal! Dazzling children’s book pitches by our artists.

GET READY TO SWOON. We’re sharing pages from our artists’ children’s book pitches that were created for our annual Residency and my course, My Kid Book Pitch (starting October 18th). These charming book pitches are currently available for your consideration.


One (that we can’t show yet) was just picked up and will be published April 2023!

Editors and Art Directors: Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to see any or all of our artists’ charming and gorgeous children’s book pitches.

You’ll love this appealing and witty tale about an eccentric child who is obsessed with arranging absolutely anything and everything, from flowers to people! We’re particularly excited about Katie’s wit and her luscious watercolor illustrations. What’s so good about this book is its important message of accepting and embracing one’s own unique behavioral differences.


We’re incredibly excited about Bambi’s historic tale of a brave pioneer, loosely based on Maria Sibylla Merian, a naturalist and scientific illustrator of the 1600’s who travels to the Amazon with her daughter. We follow along as the mother and daughter search for a very exotic and elusive butterfly with help from indigenous people. Loaded with botanical and scientific tidbits, depicting a touching mother/daughter relationship, this feminist STEAM book is sure to do very well.


Get ready to be floored when you see this magical, painterly pitch by Kendra Binney as she tells a tender and imaginative story of two children—one who is afraid of the ground, and one who is afraid of the sky! Through visually gorgeous illustrations of steampunk-style Rube Goldberg-type contraptions, they find a way to connect. It’s the perfect vehicle for Kendra’s highly in-demand dreamy style.


Welcome to Adventures in Ida Land. Kelly Anne has crafted an entire charming and eccentric world around her feisty main character, Ida. With the ability to communicate with rocks, trees, and animals, Ida travels through different landscapes cleverly solving Mother Nature’s problems. We love Kelly Anne’s bright illustration style and particularly adorable main character illustration, and the timely environmental message.


What I love about Mara’s pitch is her ability to tell a laugh-out-loud story about an insecure snail in a cool way that imparts lots of nutty snail factoids. This book celebrates mucous and other gross features such as the dung beetle’s poop. At first jealous of the cool flamingo, Herbert the snail comes to love all of its own special abilities—especially its mucous. Quite frankly, I was amazed at impressive special abilities of a snail that I never knew about. Sure to be a hit with boys and girls alike. STEM with humor!


Ruth Burrows, our newest artist, created this pitch for My Kid Book Pitch course. It was one of the reasons why I scooped her up.


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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