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Sarajo’s September residency at Vermont Studio Center!

Our artist, Sarajo Frieden, had a fabulous time this past Septemtber in VT. Read below about her trip, her travels and her fabulous artwork! Enjoy – Jennifer

Panoramic view of Sarajo’s studio at VSC!

This past September, I spent a month at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, as the (very fortunate) recipient of the Zeta Orionis Fellowship. It was an amazing experience to live and work with sixty other artists and writers from all over the world in such a beautiful setting. Below: a few photos of the VSC and grounds. I look forward to returning!

After returning from Vermont, I put the work up in my studio to view it in a new context. Onward and upward… – Sarajo


Brussels anyone?

Our intrepid agent Ashley, discovered The Pantone Hotel in Brussels.

From their website:
“The PANTONE HOTEL combines the strong emotions evoked by color with exceptional, vivid design and unyielding comfort. Guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, distinctively chosen at reception to compliment their mood. Luxurious beds, inviting pillows, LCD TVs, and central A/C with individual controls are standard at The PANTONE HOTEL; many rooms are illuminated with unparalleled views of Brussels.”


Something to cool you off!

Linda writes:

“Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share some photo’s of the ice sculptures I saw on my trip to Antartica years ago. I’ve been pining to travel and reflecting back on this epic adventure. Though it’s been some time since this trip, these images never cease to inspire me. I was in awe of these wondrous sculptures in all their forms. The light casting off the ice was luminous.
We were able to tour through mazes of these in our zodiacs and get up close enough to see all the dips and striations. Being detail-oriented in my work as an artist, I was enthralled by just how much was going on with these masses of ice. Floating nearby in our boats we could see the weather worn intricacies, seemingly chiseled away, and hear drops of water dripping into the ocean. I couldn’t get enough of these.”


Hi Y’all – Suzy Ultman goes South

Suzy writes:

“Hi Lilla.
Since I was 12 years old, my family has been road tripping to Coastal Carolina for summer holiday. We spend most of our time at the beach but make daily excursions to the farm stands. We also put aside one afternoon for an antiquing field trip. There is nothing like hunting for treasure in 100 degree heat. The southern hospitality & charming shops make-up for the sweltering conditions. Then, we end our excursion with a big glass of ice cold sweet tea. Enjoy this small taste of my southern adventure.”


Mike Lowery off to Frankfurt

Mike writes us:

“In a few days I’ll be heading over to Frankfurt for the big
international book fair. I’ve got a few books being shown by
publishers this year, so it’ll be great to meet up with some of the
folks that I’ve been working with for the past year (or longer!). So,
I’m getting ready by making new postcards, prints, and lots of little
drawings to show at my table. Here’s part one of getting ready for


Friday: Sarajo’s “blue water” print released by The Working Proof