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Beautiful books and products by LRS Artists!

Clockwise from top left: Erica Root, Clairice Gifford, Tara Lilly,Åsa Gilland, Mara Penny.

Zoë Ingram
Drawing for the Soul (David & Charles) available TODAY!

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“Learn how to use drawing to soothe your soul with this beginner’s guide to drawing for relaxation.

So many drawing books focus on the result of your drawing, but this fresh approach looks first at the process of drawing as a means to de-stress and unwind.”


Tequitia Andrews
What’s the Big Idea?

(Simon & Schuster UK)

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“Have you ever wondered what capitalism is? How about feminism, ecology, epidemiology or astronomy?


Well, this book will give you straightforward, easy-to-understand answers to all your troublesome-word questions WITHOUT going on and on for ages OR using even BIGGER words to explain them.”


Sarah Walsh
Flow magazine

Created for an article on the importance of non-sexual intimacy.


Charlotte Bruijn
From 4 histoires pour mes 4 ans (Fleurus Editions)

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Rebecca Jones
Mermaid Cove — Shell-shaped puzzle (Mudpuppy)

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Katie Vernon
Illustration for Visitor’s Guide

(Galena County Tourism)

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