Daily mini assignment Number 2: Market Survey #myMATSprep

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Your mission today is to take a photo of something in your house/apartment that you love, that has any kind of art on it, and identify its market.

I’ll go first.

Here’s my travel pencil bag. It’s a zipper tote by Blue Q with art on it that we licensed by our artist Carolyn Gavin.

#mymatsprep #giftmarket

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The “Gift Market” means things that you might buy as a gift for yourself or someone else. They tend to be smaller items, than say, the Home Décor market, which is things like lamps and pillows.

Next up: Here’s a journal that I love to travel with. It’s by Chronicle. We licensed our artist Suzy Ultman for this project. This would be categorized as for the Paper Market.

#mymatsprep #Papermarket

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Here’s a list of the ten markets I cover in the Make Art That Sells e-courses. Hopefully this will make identifying your product easier.


  • Bolt Fabric – This is fabric that you buy in the fabric store; fabric that you sew things with.
  • Home Décor – Anything to decorate your home such as a lamp, teapot, place mats, pencil holders, plates, etc.
  • Children’s Books – You know, children’s books.
  • Wall Décor – Anything on your wall. Framed, unframed, canvas reproductions, wall decals, etc.
  • Gift – Little items like tote bags, zipper pouches, frames, candles, jewelry, etc. Things you’d find in a gift shop.


  • Paper Market – Stationery, Journals, note pads, etc.
  • Baby Apparel – This means any baby clothing.
  • Scrapbooking Market – Not just the scrapbooking papers, but also stickers, stencils, etc.
  • Editorial – This means books and magazines.
  • Party Paper – All the stuff for a party, like paper plates, napkins, cups, goodie bags, etc.

Don’t worry about getting the market exact. This is not the Periodic Table of Elements. These are fluid markets. For example, a journal can be Gift Market or it can be considered the Paper Market. The purpose is to increase your awareness of the various key art-buying markets and any you may have preferences for. It’s also great for you to see the array of products that use art on them.

Can’t wait to see what you have around your house.




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