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It’s prep time for our online course Make Art That Sells (MATS), one of the most highly regarded online courses in our industry. I’ve created a series of five mini assignments to get you ready all this week before the course starts next Monday. Join me!


Post your work for each of the week’s assignments on Instagram with the hashtag #mymatsprep.

DAY 1. Mini assignment Number 1: Nuts for Neutrals

Your mission is to gather some nuts and match the colors. Since these Mini Prep assignments are written for you, you make your rules. You can gather actual nuts or use photos from online. Your definition of nuts can even include things like coconuts!

What I’m going for here is that you delve deeply into gorgeous shades of brown. Why? Because as you know if you’ve taken my course, neutrals help your bright colors sing. Neutrals add nuance to your piece. So when you get your first assignment, you’ll have a few more neutrals to play with.

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Photo by Lilla Rogers


  • Start with brown paint, or mix up a brown by using two complementary colors such as orange and blue.
  • Add white to lighten your color.
  • Add Naples Yellow to lighten and warm up the color.
  • Don’t darken a color with black. Add bits of other colors like violet, blue, etc., to get a richer deep color.

Add each new color in tiny bits. It’s easier that way.

Fun Fact: I had to put a post-it on these nuts in the Studio saying “Do not eat the nuts. For a photo shoot”.

I myself love using paint to mix up the colors. Of course you can work digitally if you prefer.

I cannot wait to see what you do!

Your fearless art leader
#mymatsprep #nutsforneutrals

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