Mini assignment Number 3: Draw your shoes

Today you’re going to draw your shoes in any style you like. Draw your way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.46.46 PM

*photo by Lilla Rogers

I picked this because it’s a common item and fun to draw.

Think about the view. You can draw a top view or a side view, for example.
Draw only in pen at a café on the back of your receipt.
Take only 15 minutes.

Why did I pick shoes for your assignment? So often we draw for a purpose: a job, a paid assignment, as a gift for someone, for our Etsy shop. That can put undue pressure on the experience of art-making. In my course I stress that you draw for the fun of it for the first few days of every week. I give you a specific topic to draw.

You love art, remember? For this, just draw. Get to know the subject matter. Have a play date with the subject matter. In class, I call these little drawings the Mini assignments.

For the purpose of Mini’s it’s also key to keep the thing you’re going to draw very finite and small so as to not overwhelm you like, for example, drawing the entire New York skyline.

Can’t wait to see your shoes!


Ps. It’s also key to have the subject matter something that matters to you, like your own shoes. That gives you a greater sense of involvement. However, art rules were meant to be broken, so you can draw shoes that you wish you owned, too.
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  • Can you tell me who makes those insanely adorable flower shoes? Must.Have.Them.
    :) Love your site BTW!

    by Melanie Neill
    October 15, 2015

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