FAQs with Adolie Day

Here is an excerpt of FAQs with Adolie Day on her blog.

Could you describe your career path ?

It will be a long story!!!
As long as I can remember, I always had a pen in my hands.
I redrew Disney’s princess and made horrible painting for the Mother’s Day.
All my junior high school’s notebooks were covered with tags, sketches, fashion’s drawing (and a lot of Kurt Cobain’s pictures).
After a high school diploma in literature and arts test, I was accepted at the Pivaut-Nantes school, where I followed the advertising graphics program.
I understood, at this moment that I will do it my job, It make me feeling alive, vibrate.
I admit, I wasn’t fond of the perspective and documentaries studies’ courses (whatever ^^)
It was very important for me to be in a school, learn the basis, be structured, and judged … it doesn’t suit to everybody, but it allows me to go beyond.
In this period, I acquired a kind of freedom in the drawing (thanks to the nude).
At the end of my studies, I began painting with animals painted on wood (acrylic and “gouache”) with an original frame make by my wonderful daddy.
I approached some decoration’s stores, and won my first orders.
Six months later, I answered to an announcement for a replacement as a textile graphic designer at “Alphabet”, six months at “Sucre d’Orge” and two months at Kenzo.
I decided to resign this last job to launch me in freelance. It was a vital need, like an obsession!
I got an exhibition for my series “Les Nicoles” at Le Bon Marché-Paris, it activated many orders.
I have still worked in the textile industry during two seasons as a freelance for Kenzo and Catimini.
But more the time passed, more the personal illustration took me time : exhibitions, press, editions. At this period, I can say that I have worked as a headless chicken, but I knew it was the tribute for having a name and additionally pay the rent!
I started having a well filed book and I had launched my blog. It is at this period the Amereta’s edition got in touch with me. They offer to me to create a little character who will be a book sage heroine for the little children (Lilichou was born).
In the same time, I got in touch with La Marelle (I was a real fan of all their artists and their range of products), and I was really surprised when I received Pascale’s answer “Ok”. I can remember very well this moment:
I read the mail and then I was jumping like a crazy girl in the entire flat ;) it was a great joy and it will stay one for ever.
I won’t tell everything in all the details, but everything happened in quick succession, and then my first album, good press articles, wonderful exhibitions …
One of the mayor point of my path is the meeting with my loved one who learnt me a lot and it continuous.

For the beginner, there is no mystery, to do this work you need passion, a lot of work, hours of practice, enjoy yourself, try but stay yourself in your drawings.
Don’t listen the others, make your own choices. It could be difficult sometimes when you will need money, to give up food propositions; you will have to find your balance.
And everybody make mistakes, some bad choices … it doesn’t matter, practice makes perfect!

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