Fifty Shades of Blue for #mygtsprep mini assignment 2

We have LOVED seeing all of the socks from yesterday’s mini assignment pop up across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with #mygtsprep.  Nice work!  Today, we bring you mini assignment #2: Fifty Shades of Blue 

Below Lilla has taken five hues of blue (gouache and watercolor) and added Naples Yellow to each. Look at the results! Softer shades.


Check the Make Art That Sells blog for instructions for the assignment and for all the information about dates, times and links to the assignments themselves, go to: makeartthatsells.com/mygtsprep

Remember to share your shades of blue on social media, including the hashtags #mygtsprep #blue.

Having a few shades of blue under your belt will be useful when you get the first Global Talent Search assignment, which will be released soon!


LRS Team

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