Get Crafty with Suzy Ultman Kits

Lilla,  These crafty kits are all flashbacks to my childhood. As a girl, I would spend hours at the kitchen table coloring, cutting, stitching, and beading. Recently, I bought some “shrinky dink” sheets at a local craft store, and reconnected with the magic of baking & shrinking my drawings. I was inspired to pitch the idea to Land of Nod, and sent them some of my fun plastic creations. Now, one year later, there is a delightful, authentically Shrinky Dink set available through Land of Nod.  If you have a young sewer in the house, the colorful needlepoint kits, and playful stitch kits are a must have. Enjoy! Suzy

shrinky-dinks_blog2 shrinky-dinks_blog1 needlepoint_kits_blog1 mr.-sherwood-stitch-kit shrinky-dinks_blog1a needlepoint_kits_blog2 ms.-tulip-stitch-kit


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