GIANT NEWS! We reveal our newest artist!

BIG NEWS! Please welcome our newest artist, Make Art That Sells student and fabulous artist Tequitia Andrews.


We are blown away by her gorgeous portraits, strong color, powerful themes, lovely lettering, and spectacular children’s illustration. We’re envisioning her getting tons of editorial and advertising gigs, and loads of picture books.

Join us tomorrow as I chat with Tequitia about her working process, subject matter she loves, black representation, and more.
P. S. She has a great laugh.
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with our newest artist
Tequitia Andrews
Friday, June 11th, at 12:00 PM ET.
Password: Tequitia99


Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Artist Tequitia Andrews at her workspace in Richmond, Virginia.
Scroll to see her work or see more our site here.


All images are available for license as of this writing.


Available for license as of this writing.


I recently asked Tequitia to make a few images for children’s books. She pulled upon her childhood to create these images which I’m sure will blow you away as they did for us. I encourage you to contact us to assign her, as she will book up quickly.



I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs.
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