Yup, you read that right. We’ve taken on three new artists!

It’s like an artist shopping spree around here. When I teach over at Make Art That Sells, I have the enviable job of watching students grow into incredible artists, and there are always many I swoon over.

However, we just couldn’t resist these three stellar artists, who consistently wowed me with their class assignments. All three took my Illustrating Children’s Book course at least once–you’ll see below how brilliant their kid book work is.

I bet you’re not even reading this and just scrolling down to see who we’ve picked, and I don’t blame you for a minute! 🤣

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Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Bristol, UK.
Favorite color combo?
Red and pink
Favorite cartoon character?
Ponyo or Totoro
How do you take your coffee?
Americano with oat milk
We’re delighted to welcome Jenny Miriam to our group!
When I kept seeing Jenny’s charming, and distinctive work in my courses I knew I wanted to represent her. Every piece she does floors us, from her picture book work to her toy pitches. We’re incredibly excited to represent Jenny and look forward to the range of work that she’s sure to get.
See her portfolio here.

Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Hilversum, The Netherlands
“I grew up happily climbing the highest tree in the street with my cat, walking on roofs, riding my pony bareback alone through the forest.”
Please give a big round of applause to Charlotte Bruijn!
We fell in love with Charlotte’s strong characters, bright palette and rich storytelling imagery, and look forward to keeping her busy with picture books and more! We’re very happy to represent her.
See her portfolio here.



Utrecht, the Netherlands
“When I draw I am in my happy place. So I am very lucky I can draw for a living.”
Let me introduce you to Maruga Koops.
There’s something about Maruga’s saturated paint and lovely imagery that is so appealing. The work she created for the balloon story for Make Art That Sells Illustrating Children’s Books class(above) completely wow’d us—that appealing child living in dreamy scenes. We’re delighted to represent her.
See her portfolio here.


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