Yup, you read that right. We’ve taken on THREE new artists!

It’s like an artist shopping spree around here. When I teach over at Make Art That Sells, I have the enviable job of watching students grow into incredible artists, and there are always many I swoon over.

However, we just couldn’t resist these three stellar artists, who consistently wowed me with their class assignments. All three took my Illustrating Children’s Book course at least once–you’ll see below how brilliant their kid book work is.I bet you’re not even reading this and just scrolling down to see who we’ve picked, and I don’t blame you for a minute! 🤣

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Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Erin is a former video game producer who has been drawing and painting for most of her life.
Her varied inspirations include video games, Studio Ghibli, beautiful food, and vintage botanical illustrations.
We’re delighted to welcome Erin Vanessa to our group! We absolutely adore her lush illustrations loaded with masterful watercolor textures and compelling details.
See her portfolio here.
Above: Erin created this gem for my home decor course and and was one of the first pieces of hers that made me say hmmm….I may have to take her on! She continued to astound me, and the rest is history.



Animation by Natasha Dewitz



Savannah, Georgia, USA
Please give a big round of applause to Kay Wolfersperger. A grad of SCAD and MATS, Kay’s robust and lively work is a joy to behold. Every time Kay submitted a piece for class, I was consistently wow’d. As an agent, I knew her varied and appealing lettering, smart illustrations of people, and brilliant children’s book illustration work would bode well for a busy and stellar career.
See her portfolio here.


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Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Sacramento, California, USA


“I happily work out of a light-filled studio in my backyard with a few dogs at my feet. I mostly use gouache for my illustrations and find inspiration in the details and diversity of everyday life.”
–Tisha Lee


See her portfolio here.
Let me introduce you to Tisha Lee.
When I saw this collection (below) that Tisha Lee created for my text
I Paint Purple for my Illustrating Children’s Books course I knew immediately that I wanted to represent her. It’s that simple. The level of sophistication, painterly mastery, and color palettes were impressive. Sign her up! She’ll have a stellar career garnering some sought-after gigs.




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