Global Talent Search winner to win gift or home decor product line with Midwest-CBK!

We are thrilled to announce another prize for the winner of the Global Talent Search! Not only will they get represented by Lilla Rogers Studio for two years but they will win a host of licensing deals including…

A gift or home decor product line with Midwest-CBK!

Choosing from the uber talented pool of artists will be difficult, and winning will be quite a distinction. Midwest-CBK’s Vice-President of Design & Creative  will personally help guide the recipient through the process of understanding how a product line is conceptualized, developed and marketed, invented and reinvented. You will work together to create a strong product line of either gift or home decor, depending on what is the most natural fit. There’s the potential of developing wall art, lighting, textiles, ceramics, gifts, specialty products… all offered with the voice of this artist to help them build an identity & strong brand footprint in the marketplace. The licensing details will be negotiated by Lilla Rogers Studio on behalf of the winner.

Awesome, right? If you haven’t yet thrown your hat into the ring for the Global Talent Search, why not? Someone has to win and it might just be you! Register here by June 26 to be in with a chance of winning this career-changing prize!


  • Hi wonderful people…it would be an honor to win…i am so overripe for licensing (just The Angel Story alone is so very inspirational) ….we do our own manufacturing and with only doing a couple of ACRE shows we’re so busy…it doesn’t take multiplying our sales by much to get to seven figures …I’ve been published in Stampington fourteen times in the last three years…I love…love…love to create new and fresh mixed media art and know what speaks to the hearts and souls of women…I make up 95% of my sayings and am a lover of words…I’m super easy to work with and don’t have a diva bone in my body although i won’t be caught without lipstick…cooperation and collaboration are my mantras….my umbrella business is Art by e’Layne and the production wing of the biz is 3 Hip Chics…blessings and all good things…with a cherry on top and thank you for an opportunity to be considered!!!! e’Layne

    June 17, 2013
  • oops…sorry…thought i was suppose to leave a comment to enter

    June 17, 2013
  • Come on all you clever creative people!
    Come play with me–
    Let’s make something fabulous! Thank you generous Lilla & Beth, for this opportunity to work with the talent search team & be inspired by all this creativity. xo, margo

    June 17, 2013

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