Greg Morgan on what’s good and not so good about being an illustrator



Solving something so differently than other mediums
Having a truly endless possibility to personify or characterize a concept
Being able to merge a label from the gutter with a piece of hi-tech foil
Being witness to whimsical, crazy and fantastic juxtapositions
Sketch, fax, snack, reply, converse, snack, create, glue, scan, deliver, elate all while listening to your favorite record
Surprise checks hiding between Capital One and Mortgage bill
Check envelopes with more than one check
An art director saying they love it

Not so good
Managing time in order to get the quality and vision you want
Having art director’s vision too tight to see a true potential
Mostly getting the type of work you show, seems limiting at times when you can do so much more
When an art director says it’s not working and the glue is already dry
10 rounds of changes on a budget of $250
Dealing with some art directors who deal in fear of editors who deal in bad communication

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