Guess who I’m interviewing next? Plus Helen Dardik’s art on baby wear!

Coming this Thursday!


Above: Art by Erin Vanessa
Join me Thursday for our WebinART as I chat with one of our newest artists,
the lovely
and view her gorgeous work.
Join me this Thursday,
March 11th
at 12.00 PM ET.
We’ll be broadcasting live on Zoom here on Thursday. See you then!
WebinART link here
Password: Erin77


We’ll chat about how she evolved her art, why she wanted an agent, what her dream job would be, and more.

Last week’s WebinART and portfolio showcase with Kay Wolfersperger was wonderful! You can catch the replay here; Password: FtS=6rg+
Find links to our entire WebinART series HERE.


(Starts April 12!)


News flash! Our Toy Residency 2021

Are you an art director in the toy/game market? Want to see what our artists will do during our weeklong LRS-artists only Residency happening the week of March 15th? Our artists will be making absolutely genius toy and game pitches based on my brand-new Make Art That Sells course, My Toy Pitch, that I’m co-teaching with our brilliant toy, game and children’s entertainment agent, Riley Wilkinson.
The My Toy Pitch course goes live in July, so my artists will be getting a jump on the course material early, creating what I know will be some extraordinary toy and game pitches for this hot market that’s looking for innovative ideas illustrated beautifully.
Contact us to view the live showing of the artists’ work in progress on Zoom during the Residency (and give feedback if you like), or view the final work afterwards.
–Want to be a guest VIP for the course? We would absolutely love to have you join us! Contact us!


Enjoy these recent products illustrated by our artists!


Gorgeous babywear prints for Mimah


Super-sweet locking diary for Mudpuppy.


Brilliant collaboration with Izzy Wheels.


Charming sloth pattern for Anewall.


Great words to start off the new year, from Amber Lotus’s
The Art of Kindness 2021 Calendar.


Wonderful long-term license with Hallmark


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
Want great art for your project? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you with any of your art needs.
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