Guess who I’m interviewing next? Plus see our artists’ latest editorial commissions.

I hope you’ll join me for our WebinART #8 featuring
our artist Sarah Papworth and her latest work.
This Thursday, July 9th at 12.30 PM ET.
We’ll be broadcasting live on Zoom here on Thursday. See you then!
WebinART link here
Password: Sarah77


Our previous WebinART and portfolio showcase with Anke Rega was so fun. You can catch the replay here; Password: 2g*=w&85


Find links to our entire WebinART series HERE.

Left: The cover of Sarah’s beautiful portfolio PDF.


I Know a Woman(Quarto)


Editorial assignments by our artists
for the Wall Street Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, and The Washington Post.
‘Summer Reading’ for The Wall Street Journal


‘Secrets of Getting Organized’ for Better Homes & Gardens Magazine


Better Homes & Gardens Magazine ‘Pantry Organization’


Better Homes & Gardens Magazine
Anke was commissioned to create a series of five illustrations on spring cleaning and home refreshing for the
Spring issue.


The Washington Post ‘Relocating in a Pandemic’


The Washington Post
Jon created eight illustrations for a special broadsheet section on “Parenting in a Pandemic” including a fully illustrated cover and seven internal coloring pages.


Personal Work by Marco Marella


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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