What happens when my artists take my class? See why I love these two.

Here’s what happens when my artists (many of whom are my e-course grads) take my course Assignment Bootcamp. This work was from the January assignment where I asked the students to draw what they imagine might be in the bag of one of 12 badass women. Then they were to turn it into a book cover. Just for fun, students got assigned their person to illustrate based on the student’s birthday month. (By the way, you can still get into this lively class for the next 4 months of assignments and other goodness, but registration closes tonight, so hurry!)

This is a very exciting new look for my artist Zoe Ingram. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zoe do portraits quite like this so I was delighted to see her thoughtful rendering of Maira Kalman, the iconic illustrator.

Zoe Ingram

Katie Vernon

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Hope you enjoyed the show!
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