Here’s a peek at our artists’ work for my Illustrating Children’s Book course

In our Illustrating Children’s Books course, Art Director Zoë Tucker and I teach that a compelling character, combined with a variety of emotions and active poses, is key to a winning children’s book.
I am delighted to show you work by my represented artists from Weeks 1 and 2 from class.
First up: Åsa Gilland is knocking it out of the park with these appealing characters. Check out the frog in an astronaut costume and the mother and child together.

Young children may not always understand the text, as they are relatively new to language, but they can easily ‘read’ and understand body language. That’s why it’s so key for an illustrator to show that they are capable of drawing poses and emotions.

Jennifer Potter has a brilliant way with light like no other student I’ve ever had in class. She illustrates warmth both literally and figuratively.

Julia Christians is booked heavily with children’s book illustration work and you can see why. She even brought Buzzy the Pillow to life beautifully, from my text Find Fuchsia Food Fast.*









Sarah Papworth makes the most charming little gnome! Her color sense and style are gorgeous.


Kendra Binney is known for her gorgeous paintings, but I’m thrilled with the work she’s now doing in the children’s book realm. Magical!
Stay tuned for more great work coming out of this course.
Want to see some of the books my artists have illustrated? Check them out here.
*PICTURE BOOK EDITORS: I had a great time writing one of the texts for the class called Find Fuchsia Food Fast. It’s about Buzzy the Pillow’s search for pink foods for her friend. If you are interested in seeing it, I’d love to show you! Just let me know.
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