Here’s my business mantra, and only two spots left in our VIP Retreat next week.

Above: Art by Kay Wolfersperger


My mantra is this: Play business like it’s a game. In other words, do fun things that benefit everyone–the creative director/editor, the artist, and the agency. Make up fun stuff that everyone will enjoy. It’s served me well in my (almost) 40 years in the business, kept me out of trouble, and kept us constantly energized.


In that spirit, one of the things we love to do most around here is our Annual Artists and VIP Retreat, which begins next Wednesday. Last year it went virtual. We were actually surprised by how much everyone loved it (yeah, we do miss the live singer/guitarist and yummy hors d’oeuvres in my garden, I’ll grant you that), but the Zoom aspect enables more VIPs to attend, plus a whopping 25 artists are attending this year from Jakarta to Los Angeles, from Barcelona to Berlin. And we’ve only got two spots left for VIPs. Read on…


Here are some of the blue-ribbon companies–featuring creative directors, executive editors, senior industrial designers, senior product managers–that will be attending next week, from the book, toy, stationery, and gift markets:
Sterling Publishing | NYC
Penguin Random House | UK
Penguin Random House | US
Little, Brown and Co. | NYC
Running Press | Philadelphia
Editions Auzou | Paris
Uncommon Goods | Brooklyn
Buffalo Games | NY
Raspberry Books | UK
teNeues Publishing | NYC
Educational Insights | CA
Design House Greetings | MN
The VIPs and the artists meet each other in private breakout rooms (one-on-one) for 10 minutes to view artists’ breathtaking new work, view their toy pitches, or see their book dummies. It’s just under two hours long with the VIPs each meeting with 8 artists. We call it Speed Art Dating. Several VIPs have signed up for ALL THREE DAYS, and many are back from last year.


NEWS FLASH–ART DIRECTORS, CREATIVE DIRECTORS, DESIGNERS, EDITORS: Thursday is filled, but if you’d like to attend Speed Art Dating either next Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 2PM ET or Friday, Sept. 24 at 9AM ET to meet one-on-one with our fabulous artists and feast on their jaw-dropping work, simply reply to this email. But hurry! As of this writing, we have only one spot available on Wednesday and one on Friday. Simply reply to this email and let us know you’re interested.


My Recent Favorites
I went a little overboard on collecting a few of my recent favorites to put in this newsletter. Here you go.
Various LRS artists + former LRS Artist Suzy Ultman


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