Do you know what we love? We love signing artists. First, we love following them, then secretly working with them, and then finally announcing them. Why? Because as agents we love getting artists work. We really do. It’s just the way we’re made.

So when we see an artist like BAMBI RAMSEY, and all the amazing work she’s created, we envision her work on brilliantly illustrated books, magical children’s books, very cool editorial work, pretty fabric, happy toys, gorgeous lush floral cards, and just about everything else in the whole wide world.

We are delighted to now represent the brilliantly talented Bambi Ramsey.

Let me talk you through some of my favorite pieces.



Meet our newest artist, Bambi Ramsey


Here’s how I know that Bambi will be busy with commissions: I popped her art into this Bingo board I made for my Make Art That Sells students. You can see that she hits such a vast array of markets, subjects, moods, and more which is what I love to see in an artist’s body of work. I’m so eager to see what her first jobs are!


Find Fuchsia Food Fast

When I first saw this piece that Bambi created for a text I wrote for my Illustrating Children’s Book course, I knew I was dying to see her work in children’s books. Imagine what it would be like for the child who is looking through this book–the delight as they notice all the details like the shelf of jams, spotting the cat eyeing the love birds on the second floor, and did you notice the rocket ship in the alley? Contact us to chat about your book project. Let’s make it happen.


Bambi and I worked together for a few months before I signed her, and Senior Agent Susan McCabe and I wanted to see how she would do a full page illustration for a farmer’s market. We were also curious to see how she’d illustrate men. Result–> man bun man and flip-flop man. This stunning gem is what she did. Are you beginning to see why we just had to take on Bambi? Plus, she is wonderful to work with, and super-professional from all her years at a whole bunch of art departments.


Bambi took a whole bunch of my courses, and we love how each time she took the Children’s Book course, she developed her work in a different direction. Here, Bambi displays her ability to illustrate an historical text, researching period clothing.


Bambi crushed it in the Creating Collections for Home Decor course. She’s got such a gift for lettering, as you see above, and also further down this newsletter in the Patti Smith piece. When called for, she’s able to vibe out the color palette that’s right for the market. Here, she’s focusing on watery violet, gold, and black.


I always want to see winter holiday in a portfolio, and was delighted to spot this in Bambi’s portfolio. Folk art + winter holiday.


I worked privately with Bambi the past few months so that she could create a few more pieces to round out her portfolio. I asked her to illustrate any famous woman she wanted because we’re getting a lot of work for those kinds of images. She floored me with this portrait of Isobelle Eberhardt–a woman before her time–a Swiss explorer who moved to Algeria, dressed as a man, and was a writer and advocate of decolonialization. Not only did Bambi select a fascinating person, but the illustration is drop-dead gorgeous. I literally let out a gasp when I saw it.


Bambi already had this piece in her portfolio when I contacted her. I simply asked her to make it a tiny bit more ‘editorial’ by adding text to the cover of the book and scattering some seed packets around the figure, telling a quiet story of gardening.


I’m always happy when I see florals in a portfolio. They get work.


Patti Smith: The lettering. The intense, gorgeous face. The rich color palette. I mean, seriously, what more do you need? Case closed; let’s sign Bambi. So give us a shout and let’s make it happen with your project.


Yup, she was a semi-finalist in our highly competitive Global Talent Search. By the way, in lieu of the GTS this year, we are hand-picking artists from my MATS courses. I love the GTS, but I also am loving the ability to just swoop in and sign an artist I’m loving from class. Stay tuned.



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