How our Make Art That Sells alumni are rocking it: Part 1

So does ‘Make Art That Sells’ actually work? Do artists who take the class actually sell more art? Well yes, they do. We asked class participants for examples of their successes since taking the course, and were staggered by the response, bearing in mind that some people only took the course a few months ago. Here is part 1 in our series.

Students have since secured licensing deals in the gift, editorial, baby apparel, bolt fabric, wall art, greetings, home décor, paper and fashion markets, many have won competitions and a number have been signed for representation.

It’s also really important to say that people join Make Art That Sells (MATS) at different stages of their creative journey. Some are nearly ready to seek out work, others less so. For many people the greatest breakthrough is a new level of confidence in their work, a fresh love of creating, or a deep feeling of connection with others in the community. Success looks different for everyone. The licensing deals, competition wins and studio signings are the easy things to measure. The impact it makes on people’s lives – on the way they see themselves as artists, and the way the see their work – is perhaps the thing that we are most proud of.

Here is a selection of class participants who have a lot to celebrate since taking Make Art That Sells. If you want this for YOUR art career, join us for the next class which begins on Monday 2 March!

Brooke Albrecht

There once was an Old Man in a tree

“I took the MATS course and bootcamp classes to broaden my understanding about the kind of illustration work that was available and the different markets. I’ve learned so much and since I quit a corporate design job 2 years ago I now have my own studio and look forward to working for myself and the freedom it offers. The support I’ve gotten through classmates and watching their work and how they and well as myself have grown is continual inspiring. I continue to work daily and know I will grow as an artist with patience and hard work. Today it’s work that comes from what I truly want to do, and bringing joy into making art.”

Since joining MATS and bootcamp in the last year I’ve:

• Obtained my first license with Keva
• 3 pieces of my illustration were accepted and displayed in 2014 Ohio State Fair (very competitive to get into)
• Exhibited my work in 3 art shows 2014
• Currently working on a solo March/April show at the Bexley library, Columbus, Ohio all based on the limericks of Edward Lear

See more of Brooke’s work on her website here: http://brookealbrechtstudio.com


 Stephanie Olivieri 


“I wasn’t sure about what MATS would do for me, but I am so happy that I signed up for both Bootcamp and MATS A. The piece here was the last assignment from Bootcamp. I have either sold or been offered work from every single assignment I have done in MATS. (I know, isn’t that amazing?) But this piece gained me the biggest jobs (yes more than one) and continues to get the most recognition. I have to say before I say what that job was, that I felt like my style was so different than anyone’s in the courses, I was feeling insecure-even though I work as a professional artist and have for the last 20 years, so to get noticed from this piece, which I was insecure about, just is the BEST feeling. “

I posted this piece on social media and it landed me:

  • A children’s book deal with a woman from Texas who is going to also use me for educational material to go with her book and more. I worked on the book in the fall of 2014 and it will be out very soon. It is called Elizabeth The Dreamer.
  • The second job that I got from this piece was at a greeting card company. That job started as just a colorist job where I colored some 175 cards and now has turned into both coloring and drawing new ones. I signed a contract for 200 cards and will be busy through fall of 2015! I am super excited. It will be launching in 2015/2016.

So this piece changed my life. Thank you Lilla.

See more of Stephanie’s work on her website here: http://www.stepholivieri.com/


Barbara Chotiner


“Since beginning MATS, my work has improved in leaps and bounds. I am finally utilizing all my skills (& years of experience) combining design + illustration (and a degree in book arts/printmaking which I haven’t used in 6 years) in ways I never would have done if not for the first time I took MATS. It started in the Home Decor week and I was hooked on making art traditionally but then finalizing my creations digitally. I am making art that I love and feel like everything is coming together. The talented and supportive community has made me push forward my work to the next level. (Make something good into great I am constantly remaining myself!) I feel like finally I got my groove and now I just need more time to create!”

  • Series of 4 Nautical pieces licensed by Oopsy Daisy/Greenbox Art (1 was my Bootcamp piece & the other 3 were inspired around it)
  • My alternative GTS entry (the one I finished the day after I submitted my actual entry) was licensed by Greenbox Art/Wheatpaste
  • I was accepted to be an artist at DENY Designs (includes wall art from MATS 1A and MATS 3A)
  • I participated in a holiday pop up shop (My first & featured many products containing MATS art. Also sold many copies of my editorial Main Line map.)
  • A local high end children gift shop (Pucci Manuli in Ardmore, PA) is now carrying some of my paper goods and wall art & will be bringing it to the Philadelphia Flower Show, the worlds largest indoor flower show.
  • I was commissioned to create 2 map illustrations (one of Philadelphia and one of the surrounding suburbs) by a regional magazine
  • I was asked to participate (& create a piece for) a book (by another MATS alum) containing art projects for kids

See more of Barbara’s work on her website here: http://bzdesignstuff.com


If you want this for YOUR art career, join us here for the next round of Make Art That Sells.

Class begins on Monday 2 March, 2015 and registration is open here.



  • Very inspiring to see what you all are doing with your wonderful art.

    February 10, 2015
  • Brooke, Stephanie and Barbara – congratulations! Well done all 3 of you wonderfully industrious and creative ladies. I wish you much success in the future too!

    February 13, 2015
  • THANK YOU for sharing my story. I can’t believe I am just seeing this, but I have been swamped with said greeting card job and a children’s book. Thank you for the comments Colee and Kayleen and yes MATS is worth it.

    April 2, 2015

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