How to get past the bumps in your creative road

Here’s something to ponder on today: The longer your artistic career, the longer your creative road, so the more bumps there will be in that road. The point is not about finding a smooth, flat road (because they don’t exist in this world). Rather, it’s about how you navigate that road, swerving the bumps and creating a mental map so you can deal with them better when you encounter similar bumps further down the road.

In today’s short video Lilla gives some top advice on how to lift yourself out of a creative slump, and get past the bumps in the road of your art career. Remember, Lilla’s creative road stretches over three decades, so she has a lot of experience in keeping it real and raising yourself up!

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The Lilla Rogers Studio School team



  • So true and so easy to forget when you’re neck deep in it! Thank you for the pep talk-just what I needed today :)

    February 24, 2015
  • Thank you so much Lilla, I love your little pep talks! Onwards and upwards!!

    February 24, 2015
  • Just brilliant wisdom. I so wish that I had known this 14 years ago. I lost my confidence/burnt out, what ever and just stopped designing.

    February 24, 2015
  • Wonderful Lilla – thank you. I’m learning that there can be tremendous opportunity for growth in the yuk – glean what you can from it quickly and then turn around and up your game!

    February 24, 2015
  • Are you reading my mind, oh Fairy Art Mother? Feeling overwhelmed at what to do next and you pep talk is just what the doctor ordered! That, and something I read from Rachael Taylor…”if others believe in you, you really need to believe in yourself”

    February 24, 2015
  • I love you, Lilla!!!! You are so sensible. It’s awesome. I’ve just come from my accountant’s office. I’ve been a working artist for years but just finished my fourth year as a single parent working artist totally on my own and I can tell you, it doesn’t do anything to stay the victim who is down in the dumps. Thank you for being you and for giving creatives such good guidance, encouragement and advice. Preach, Lilla!

    February 24, 2015
  • Lilla, great pep talk on moving from the negative to the positive as quickly as possible. I have found that taking action, such as you suggested with doing some presentations for a client, works very well. Also, one note,
    sometimes the “bad” thing was not the road you were supposed to be on and you have something come your way after it that is perfect for you. Lots of love to Lilla for being out there. MJ

    February 24, 2015
  • am really loving this pep talk. It’s hugely inspiring and hits a nerve that you & other hugely creative peeps go through. I think as a newbie’s we can feel so vulnerable and alone … you really are a fairy ‘art’ mother. incredibly excited about learning from you next month :0) xx

    by clairecarey
    February 24, 2015
  • I’m upping my game! Great video…..thanks.

    by Lou-Ann
    February 24, 2015
  • I love this! Great, great advice, not just for art career, but life in general. Thank you Lilla! Just what I needed to hear!

    by Cindy
    February 24, 2015
  • I love your analogy of when you are a child, so simple, so true and I LOVE YOU!! You make my day!

    February 24, 2015
  • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! Your profound advice applies to artists and their creative endeavors, but also to the bumps in life! I am ready to read that book “Bumps in the Road.” Thank you, I needed that!

    February 25, 2015
  • Yes! Thank you Lilla!! Great advice. This is so true. Dust yourself off & keep moving forward & enjoy the process & journey because nothing is a loss if you do that!!

    February 26, 2015
  • Thanks Lilla, I’ve really enjoyed your videos so far, and this one really spoke to me!
    Sometimes I look at successful artists and think they must be superhuman with all the incredible work they do, and it’s easy to beat yourself up when you hit those bumps.
    It’s encouraging to hear even they have their ups and downs, and I don’t feel so bad about it now and I realise it’s all part of the journey. :)

    February 26, 2015
  • Thank you Lilla for your warm words of encouragement. I agree that it is always great to try to see the positives from within a negative situation because it helps me learn from it.

    February 26, 2015
  • Definitely a good reminder. It’s easy for creative people to be so emotionally linked to their creative work and the success / failure of that work. Envy is tough. Comparison is tough. That’s why it has been something of a surprise to discover how positive and supportive my fellow bootcampers have been; it’s made the experience so much more enjoyable – lots of sharing of info / inspiration / encouragement as well as acknowledgement of the emotional roller coaster that is creativity.

    February 26, 2015
  • Thank you Lilla. And I love your green walls and magenta window shade.

    by Lorraine Elmore
    March 8, 2015
  • Thank you so much, Lilla! I just recently ventured into Surface Pattern Designing after 12 years of being a Corporate Graphics Designer. And truly, there are bumps especially when you’re just starting. Thanks for the reminder to just go on. Inspiring!

    July 11, 2015

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