Hsinping’s Cover art and interview for Babybug

Hsinping writes:

“Hi Lilla,
I made a cover art and a illustration for Babybug April issue.
They are very kind to ask me to do a interview.
So I would like to share it with you.:) Thank you!”

Part of the interview excerpted below. Click here to read more.

Your visual style, with its clean lines and striking colors, is so distinctive! What (or who) are your influences? Are there any designers or illustrators who had an impact on your work?

I love colors and simple shapes. Also mostly my work is done on computers. When I draw on a computer, I use a software called Adobe Illustrator. It allows me to play with colors and shapes a lot. I can trying many color combinations till I am happy with it. It’s also easy to draw clean shapes in Illustrator. I think that helps me a lot. But in the end I always like to add some handmade texture to the drawings to make it more organic and playful.

My favorite artists are Paul Klee and Sara Fanelli.

Tell us about your path to becoming an artist.

I’ve loved drawing for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t think about becoming an artist until I went to college for business. I was really frustrated and confused by my classes and found my true passion was creating things. Now I really appreciate that I initially studied business, because it helped me make up my mind to become an artist!

What do you like about illustrating for children?

I like that I can draw something bright and colorful. I also like to tell a story through drawings. It’s always fun to draw the characters, too. It’s like creating an imaginative and playful world for kids.

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  • So sweet! I love this Babybug spread!

    by Jane
    April 13, 2013

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